officially dead

Una nova sessió telemàtica del Book Club. Us recordem que, si encara no la teniu, ens heu de demanar la clau d’accés.

Dijous 25, a les 7 del vespre, aprofundirem en l’ús de la llengua anglesa tot parlant de llibre Officially Dead, de Richard Prescott, amb el guiatge del responsable del Book Club, en David Requena.

“Officially dead” is a great story about robberies and alibis.  The story is about two men that looked exactly the same. One of them, Colin Fenton, had a software company; and the other, John Bentley, worked in a jeweller’s after being released from prison. Linda Bentley, John Bentley’s wife, made a plan to rob a jeweller’s where they worked. As these two men looked very similar, Colin was going to book a room in a hotel as John Bentley but he had an accident and died.   (To be continued… when you read it)